Trying a Case in State Court

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Complex commercial cases pose unique challenges when presented on appeal

In this program, a panel of Superior and Supreme Court judges team up with experienced commercial litigators to walk you through the process of appealing a case to a higher court. They also expose potential minefields that you may encounter and provide guidance for side-stepping a mishap.

The View from the Well of the Court

Experienced litigators and corporate counsel gather to walk you through your initial preparations:

  • Differing perspectives: trial lawyer vs. appellate lawyer
  • Preservation of issues, early involvement of appellate viewpoint
  • Preparing the record
  • Briefing a commercial case in the Superior Court

The View from the Superior Court Bench

Join this judges’ panel as they offer their insider’s view of the cases they oversee:

  • Workload of the Court & how this impacts complex commercial cases;
  • Commercial vs. criminal vs. personal injury vs. domestic vs. estates and other cases;
  • Experience with commercial cases;
  • How to most effectively present a commercial case to the Superior Court.

Specialization among jurists – criminal/personal injury/domestic/estates/ commercial

The View from the Supreme Court Bench

The Supreme Court judges weigh in, providing their unique perspectives:

  • Workload of Court & its impact on the number of cases they review and the time between acceptance and final decision
  • Treatment of commercial vs. criminal vs. personal injury vs. domestic vs estate and other categories of case;
  • Presenting a commercial case to the Supreme Court
  • Pennsylvania’s place in business law—the Bench’s versus practitioners’ perspectives


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