Mastering Medical Records in the 21st Century

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Medicine has entered the digital age with electronic medical records and e-prescriptions. Nevertheless, every time a client visits a health-care provider, a physical record is made - a history of complaints, the physician's observations, and prescribed treatment. Each record is unique, handwritten in a doctor's shorthand with abbreviations and codes, with no uniformity among offices. When you need to understand and use medical records in a case, not only must you retrieve those records within the framework of HIPAA and other invasion of privacy mandates, you must also translate their contents - a daunting task hampered by jargon, abbreviations, unfamiliar word usage, and various digital formats.

Save yourself hours of researching medical terminology and shorthand with this graphics-intense format, which will guide you to case-clarifying sense and give you productive litigation tips regarding:

  • How physicians and hospitals organize records and how you should re-organize them to make litigation sense
  • Electronic medical records - how to understand this new format and determine if they have been altered
  • Common medication and medical records errors
  • E-prescriptions
  • Spoliation, peer review, HIPAA mandates, and the crossroad of medical and legal ethics
  • Novel court cases on medical records and tips on conducting medical research
  • Practice tips and litigation references every step of the way


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