Medicare - What's behind the Curtain?

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---------- CLE 4 sub/0 eth PRICE Regular: $159.00
New Attorney: $80.00
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Examine how Medicare works

In this course you’ll get a quick overview of access to care, benefits, and costs through the Medicare system. You’ll discover critical things about choosing original Medicare over a Medicare Advantage Plan and what to consider before purchasing a Medigap plan. Then you’ll go “behind the curtain” and learn about items, services, and people that Medicare may or may not cover.

Topics include:

  • What is Medicare?
  • Why may some people never enter Medicare?
  • How do I make all the pieces fit?
  • Why does Medicare not cover any of the costs of health care for certain?

Understand the complexities of your coverage

Our instructor and an experienced panel explain your options for obtaining Medicare prescription drug, medical, and hospital coverage, as well as supplemental insurance. They discuss how to coordinate them with your other benefits and explain how the Medicare system’s drug formularies and tiers work. For example, will Medicare pay for you to be treated with the same new drug that cured Jimmy Carter’s cancer?

Explore actual scenarios

Panelists discuss fact patterns where Medicare coverage may be denied. You’ll get practical advice from experts on how to sort through frustrating situations such as these:

  • Doctor says you need a diagnostic. Insurance (Medicare or the HMO) says the diagnostic is unnecessary.
  • Doctor says, “I’m prescribing this drug.” Insurance says, “We won’t pay for it – there is a cheaper drug, not as good, but good enough.”
  • Emergency room doctor says, “We’re sending you upstairs to stay at the hospital until we know for sure what’s wrong with you.” Insurance says, “You’re not really a patient in the hospital. You’re an outpatient in observation status.”


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