Trials: Tips, Tactics and Practical Tales

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Mike Cash is that rare breed who loves trial, loves sharing his tactics and techniques with other trial lawyers and is a superstar at both. Trials is a fast-paced program rich with demonstration and worth every second of your attention. Mike Cash respects your experience and celebrates your already proven abilities as a trial lawyer. His presentation is designed specifically to take you to the next level of success in the courtroom.

Watch demonstrations of trial techniques in action

  • Pre-trial tips that will allow you to shut down you opponent at trial
  • High impact openings
  • Illuminating direct examinations of any kind of witness that will hold a jury's attention
  • Decisive cross-examinations which will unravel a witness
  • How to create and use show-stopping demonstrative evidence
  • Closing arguments that move the jury to action

Program schedule

The Trial Lawyer - A Dying Breed?

Pre-Trial: What to Do Before the Trial Starts

  • Supplies
  • Preparation
  • "The Little Things"

Motions in Limine

  • What Matters
  • What Doesn't
  • Using Your Discovery as a Guide

Voir Dire: Keep Your Friends Close - Get Rid of Your Enemies

  • Questions Designed to Persuade
  • Questions Designed to Eliminate

Opening Statements: You Get 10 Seconds - Don't Waste Them

  • Theming
  • Delivery
  • Persuasion

Direct Examination: Lights...Camera...Action!

  • Witness Preparation
  • Conducting an Effective Direct
  • Easy to Do - Hard to Do Well!
  • Experts - A Special Breed


Impeachment - How to and NOT to - The Keys to a Powerful Impeachment

  • Hard Cross v. Soft Cross
  • Objectives and Tactics
  • Control
  • Experts

Battling the Sharks

  • How to Attack the Expert Without Becoming the Prey
  • How to Spot (and Avoid) Danger

Demonstrative Evidence: Educate and Entertain

  • High Tech vs. Low Tech
  • The Best I Ever Saw!
  • Control the Technology
  • Big Hat, No Cattle?

Tidbits: Tips and Tactics That Can Save You at Trial

Closing Argument: "It Ain't Over Till It's Over"

  • Substance and Sizzle
  • Keys to a Powerful Closing

Recorded live in November 2018.


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