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Family Law Institute 2019

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Video Replay - Day Two - Mechanicsburg
PBI Conference Center
5080 Ritter Road, Rossmoyne Exit, Rt. 15, Mechanicsburg PA, 17055
STARTWed., Aug. 21, 2019
9:00 AM
ENDWed., Aug. 21, 2019
12:00 PM
CLE 1.5 sub/1.5 eth PRICE Regular: $199.00
New Attorney: $100.00


The Family Law Institute has become an annual tradition
This year’s Institute will provide the latest practical information and practice hints available. Whether you are a ‘veteran” of family law, just beginning your practice, or somewhere in between, you are sure to benefit from the knowledge and experience of each faculty member.

The Institute is fun
It’s the one time during the year when you can recharge your batteries and get away from the office to invest time in yourself and your practice to really think about the family law issues that your clients bring you. You’ll enjoy seeing your colleagues and networking with other family lawyers.



  1. Parenting Coordination – What Is It and When Does It Work?
    Judge Platt, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Rovito, Dr. Shienvold, Ms. Zack
    The New Parenting Coordination Rule went into effect 3/1/19 and parenting coordinators are required to have five hours of training in the parenting coordination process and five hours of training in domestic violence. This session will discuss what parenting coordination is, what issues they can address, what issues may arise and what the reports are.
  2. Trials and Tribulations of Witness Examinations
    Ms. Early, Mr. Levit, Ms. Moonay, Ms. Swain (Mod.)
    As family lawyers, strong litigation skills are critical to effectively represent our clients and questioning witnesses is a key component in all litigation. But despite the best preparation, we have all had witnesses “go south” on the stand, develop cross examination amnesia, not show up for court, become confrontational or sound scripted.                       
  3. Intersection of Children & Youth Cases
    Ms. Susa Filo, Ms. Gibbons, Mr. Persick
    Children and youth matters are intersecting with adult family court more often. This panel will discuss the differences and overlaps of dependency court, abuse investigations, and mandatory reporting. The discussion will include how to access children and youth files and how to effectively utilize the information within them, as well as what to consider when deciding between a dependency action and a third-party custody action.
  4. Drafting Agreements in the Year 2019
    Ms. Cushing Doherty, Mr. Finger, Ms. Murphy
    With the law evolving, it is important for practitioners to contemplate all potential legal consequences into Separation, Custody and Settlement Agreements. This panel focuses on the “dos” and “don’ts” of agreement drafting.    


  1. A New Norm: Third Parties in Custody
    Judge McLaughlin, Ms. Cantor, Mr. Ladov
    This panel will explore the increasing prevalence of third parties, including grandparents (even great-grandparents), stepparents, same-sex parents/partners and persons standing in loco parentis in custody matters. The panel will further address issues raised as a result of third-party participation in those matters including standing, the use of preliminary objections, arguments for and against third party involvement and a discussion of recent and applicable appellate case law.
  2. Mental Fitness: Impaired Professionals
    Mr. Davis, Dr. Green, Mr. Hark
    Working with clients who have been exposed to trauma can create cognitive biases and secondary traumatic stress experienced by family law attorneys and judges. This program will help provide solutions for practitioners to have effective and sustainable practices in a healthy manner.

Recorded live in April 2019.

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