The Truth about Money

Money managing tips & tools to build your financial base – Free no CLE credit webinar

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STARTFri., Jun. 21, 2019
12:00 PM
ENDFri., Jun. 21, 2019
1:00 PM
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Sounding out financial industry idols
Identifying the critical but hidden realities  
Arming you with the tools to make better financial decisions

Developed by an attorney CPA (and former Vice President and Relationship Manager for a large wealth management company), this presentation provides information on the best money management practices for young professionals, so that they can begin to build a financial base that leaves them free to choose what areas to focus on in their professional lives, rather than having their career path dictated by  the size of their salary.  By the end of this packed hour, you will have a good understanding of, and be able to immediately implement, the basic tools needed to build an effective financial life.  

Dan shares his tips with you on these topics:

  • budgeting (that actually works)
  • insurance
  • home ownership
  • car loans/leases
  • credit scores
  • creating personal financial statements

While geared toward young professionals, this webinar provides a guide for everyone to use to build a solid financial foundation. Dan McDowell explains, “A successful financial life requires that you manage your life like a business as much as possible so that sometimes, on the things that matter more than money, you can be human.” Join him for an hour-long webinar that will teach you the financial ropes to pay dividends on your future. 


Daniel J. McDowell Esq. Emerson Process Management
Faculty may vary by location.
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