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Travel Law

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For those attorneys who represent clients in the travel business or bring or defend suits against airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, etc., discover the information you need to help you better serve your clients. Become a more informed consumer of travel services for yourself and your family, as well, and gain the foundation necessary to understand and evaluate the myriad legal issues that can arise under the umbrella of “Travel Law.”

Summary of Contents

Where to Sue: Changing the Playing Field Contractually
Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Contracts and Legal Rights—What You Need to Know
Cruises and Cruise Litigation
Airline Crash Litigation and Air Passenger Rights
Legal Issues for Internet Traveler Sellers
Immediate Post-Accident Medical Care
Medical Tourism
Tips on Required Immigration Documentation for International Travel
Travel Abroad—Hot Issues in Civil Litigation
Hot Topics in Hotel and Resort Law

Published: 5/1/2014
Pages: 496
Size: 8.5x11