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6th Annual Oil & Gas Law Colloquium

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Learn about the hottest topics in energy law and the tried and true basics such as leasing, title issues, and a litigation update. Explore current topics like permitting issues, radioactive waste, royalty deductions, international shale development, and the legal trends and discover where oil and gas law is heading as we move into the future.

Summary of Contents

2014 Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Law Litigation Update
Robinson Township v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Examination and Implications
Geologic Factors in Marcellus Well Site Selection, Land Lease Prioritization and Unitization
2014 Regulatory Update
Basics of Drafting Title Opinions: The Why, When, Who, What, Where and How of Preparing Title Opinions in the Marcellus Region
Shallow Conventional Oil Well Operations in Pennsylvania
Accounting to the Unleashed Cotenant: Challenges in an Altered Leasing Landscape
Overview of Pipeline Regulatory Framework
Pipeline Rights-of-Way and Surface-Use Agreements
Regulation of Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactivity in Shale Gas Activities
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material and Oil and Gas Production
Effect of Foreclosure or Tax Sale on Oil and Gas Rights
Marcellus Litigation Trends
Actions to Quiet Title: Then and Now
The Worker Classification Problem in the Energy Industry
Compulsory Integration and Pennsylvania
Safeguarding Confidential Information: Attorneys’ Ethical and Legal Obligations
International Shale Development

Published: 9/1/2014
Pages: 836
Size: 8.5x11