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Litigating in Orphans’ Court

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Explore the litigation process in Orphans’ Court is from beginning to end. You will learn about jurisdiction, burdens of proof, procedural matters, discovery, evidence, and damages as they arise in a variety of Orphans’ Court actions. Gain the timely information you need on a wide range of critical issues you are likely to encounter when litigating in Orphans’ Court.

Summary of Contents

Orphans’ Court Practice & Procedure
Discovery in the Orphans’ Court
Will Contests
Power of Attorney Disputes
Litigating Questions of Interpretation Under Wills and Trusts
Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass: The Wonderland of Trust Situs and Governing Law
Charitable Trusts and Organizations and the Role of Pennsylvania’s Attorney General as Parens Patriae
Surcharge Litigation and Removal of Fiduciaries
Giving Your Trust a Facelift: Modification of Trusts
Attorneys’ Fees, Fiduciaries’ Commissions & Cost

Published: 4/1/2015
Pages: 622
Size: 8.5x11