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Litigating Tractor Trailer Wrecks

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In Pennsylvania, an estimated 4,000 injuries and 170 fatalities occur each year in accidents involving large trucks. An accident involving a tractor trailer is not just a “big car accident.” Truck accident litigation is a specialized area of personal injury practice governed by additional laws and regulations not applicable to other types of personal injury cases. Trucking has become a very technical and sophisticated industry – trucking accident litigation is also, by necessity, very technical and sophisticated. Whether representing plaintiffs or defendants, discovery everything you need to know about how to effectively handle these cases.

Summary of Contents

How to Apply the “Rules of the Road” Concept to Trucking Cases
Truck Driver’s Point of View - Safe Driving: We Should All Be In This Together But…
Safety Manager’s Point of View: CSA 2010 Safety Initiative
Discovery of Social Media Content
Litigation Tactics - Plaintiff
Litigation Tactics

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Published: 5/1/2014
Pages: 730
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