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Learning the Art of Negotiation

Part of PBI’s Backpack to Briefcase Series

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Part of PBI’s Backpack to Briefcase Series

Learn the art of negotiation, whether you are a civil or criminal practitioner. Explore how to negotiate in an interest-based, non-adversarial manner, how to balance empathy and assertiveness, and the best way to handle difficult attorneys. Gain tips and learn some of the most common judicial pet peeves. Discover how to make offers and counteroffers and identify when to settle or simply just walk away.

Summary of Contents

The Plaintiff’s Perspective
Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers
Plea Bargaining: The Criminal Defense Perspective
Mediation: Making the Most of the Process
ADR UPDATE: 2011 Facts and Figures, Some Historical Data and Some True Stories
The Settlement Conference

Published: 7/1/2014
Pages: 92
Size: 8.5x11