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Information Overload: The Law of Surveillance, Privacy and Big Data Discovery

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As the world progresses to all-electronic storage of information, new technology-based tools are arising that affect the legal process. Get the facts about saving time and money with computer-assisted document searches and predictive coding and examine the unlikely places to find ESI and the consequences of making a mistake in e-discovery. The field of artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that machines can surpass humans in the performance of routine tasks such as document review for relevancy in litigation. Discover the proven results of using predictive coding and learn cutting-edge techniques in the hottest new issue in e-discovery.

Summary of Contents

eDiscovery 101: Introduction to Predictive Coding Technology
Information Governance & eDiscovery
Drowning in Data: Technology-Assisted Review Is Now a Necessity

Published: 4/1/2014
Pages: 145
Size: 8.5x11