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Contract Drafting Landmines

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Every day, all across America, attorneys are drafting provisions in contracts that won’t be given effect in the event of a dispute because they didn’t use the right language. The law of contracts is riddled with traps for the unwary, laws that require the contract to be worded in certain ways in order to be given effect. The only way to avoid these contract landmines is to be familiar with the pertinent statutory and case law that govern them – the most careful drafting in the world won’t save the contract without this knowledge. Explore everything you need to know to navigate around the most common traps for the unwary that may pop up in contract drafting.

Summary of Contents

General Drafting Principles
Preliminary Agreements
Effective Date
No Oral Modification Clauses
Contract Supplemented by “Invisible” Terms
The Limits of Merger Clauses: Fraud
Choice of Law
Modifying Limitations Periods
Contractual Modification of Remedies
Assignments and Anti-Assignment Clauses
Force Majeure Clauses
Time is of the Essence
No-Third-Party-Beneficiaries Clauses
Problem Words and Phrases
Employee Handbooks
Ipso Facto Clauses
Pay-When-Paid-Versus Pay-If-Paid
Survival Clause
Practice Areas
Published: 8/1/2014
Pages: 94
Size: 8.5x11