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The Due Process Hearing

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A Due Process Hearing is the most formal way to resolve a disagreement over the identification, evaluation, or placement of a child regarding special education and related services. It is the final step in the resolution process, and can be compared to a trial in civil court. The Due Process Hearing provides you with an excellent opportunity for effective advocacy, if you have an understanding of the federal and state statutes and regulations that govern special education services and have prepared your case diligently. Improve your skills and learn how to best handle special education due process hearings. Explore the stages of a due process hearing, from pre-hearing preparations, to the hearing itself, to settlement.

Summary of Contents

Basics of IDEA and Section 504
Recent Decisions on Exhaustion and Statute of Limitations
Preparing for the Due Process Hearing
Due Process Hearing Rights

Published: 3/1/2015
Pages: 390
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