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Defaults and Remedies in Commercial Leases

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Learn about default and remedy issues relating to the commercial property practitioner, including issues of anticipatory breach, enforceability of limitations on liabilities, impossibility of performance, mutual mistake, abandonment, and other matters important to those drafting and enforcing default provisions. Explore an analysis of the current state of the law in areas such as rescission, the enforcement of incidental and consequential damages, when loss of profits are allowed, issues related to the enforceability of confession of judgment provisions, and an examination of when parties can secure equity jurisdiction.

Summary of Contents

Landlord Rights and Responsibilities for Small Commercial Properties
Lease Defaults and Remedies
PowerPoint Presentation: Defaults and Remedies in Commercial Leases
Sample Lease
Lease Defaults and Landlord Remedies: Monetary Damages
Practice Areas
Published: 7/1/2014
Pages: 136
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