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Settling Your Case and Sleeping at Night

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You want to do the best for your client. Whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant in a personal injury case, you want to know that you achieved the best possible result for your client. Get tips on pre-settlement planning, how to be sure you are in compliance with state and federal case law on Medicare, Medicaid and ERISA plan subrogation rights and liens, how to determine if a Medicare set-aside trust is appropriate, and how to assist your client in preparing for life after settlement. Discover the steps you need to take to be sure that your client’s interests have been protected and that their obligations have been fulfilled throughout the settlement process.

Summary of Contents

ERISA Liens: Understanding and Defending Against Them
DPW and Medicaid’s Recover Rights Today and Tomorrow: Amendments to the Federal Anti-Lien Statute
Addressing Health Plans Claims: PA Anti-Subrogation Statute, Medicare Advantage, FEHBA, Tricare, and More
The Attorney’s Ethical Obligations with Regard to the Medicare Conditional Payments (as well as other Claims/Liens)
Special Needs Trust and Government Benefits: An Overview for Financial and Legal Professionals
Getting Paid Faster

Published: 7/1/2015
Pages: 127
Size: 8.5x11