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Defense of the Health Care Practitioner: Sex, Drugs and Professional Licensure

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Health care practitioners face challenges that are unique to their field. Unlike many other professionals, they are dealing directly with people’s lives. What happens when something goes wrong? Learn how to effectively provide advice with confidence when a medical practitioner or client comes to you. Explore the available options, no matter the issue you are facing, and discover how to deal with state and federal administrative challenges and more.

Summary of Contents

Exclusions From Federally Funded Health Care Programs
Pennsylvania’s Approach to Impaired Nurses
Fact Scenario: “The Case of Dr. Peter Prescriber”
Tips for Defending a Health Care Practitioner in a License Disciplinary Proceeding Before a Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs’ Hearing Examiner
Legal Anatomy of Addiction and Diversion: A View From the Attorney

Published: 12/1/2014
Pages: 104
Size: 8.5x11