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Who’s on First? Lien Priority in Pennsylvania

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If you handle transactions affecting real property then you know how important it is to understand liens and their priorities. Beyond the obvious mortgages and judgments, many state and federal tax liens and a variety of other liens can encumber real property. Gain the practical information – not just the law and theory – to help understand how various liens operate, what liens jump ahead of others that arose earlier in time, how to divest liens, and much more. Update yourself on the law, then take a practical look at some typical scenarios to understand which lien comes first, second, and so on. Explore the priorities and learn why certain liens and encumbrances take a higher position than you might expect. Focus on real estate liens and title defects to learn everything you need to know to handle extensions, divestitures, resurrections, and cures.

Summary of Contents

Liens on Real Estate in Pennsylvania
Hypotheticals for Discussion
Practice Areas
Published: 4/1/2015
Pages: 114
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