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Handling the Failure to Disclose Case

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From leaky roofs to flooded basements and mold, new homeowners are often surprised by the defects in their “dream” homes. Learn how to handle the increasing number of cases involving undisclosed property defects. From the initial client meeting through the trial, walk through a failure to disclose case and the many issues encountered. Explore a number of sample pleadings and documents.

Summary of Contents

Evaluating the Failure to Disclose Case
What Possible Causes of Action Exist
Who is Liable, Statute of Limitations, Burdens of Proof and Unique Discovery Issues
Defenses to Failure to Disclose
Expert Reports
Remedies and Damages
Mediation as an Alternative to Litigation
Hypothetical Case Scenario with Discovery and Preliminary Objections

Published: 2/1/2015
Pages: 290
Size: 8.5x11