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21st Annual Health Law Institute (CD-ROM Only)

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Gain the information you need to know about the latest and most important developments in health law and explore a broad spectrum of topics within the interests of all types of health law attorneys. Delve into these complex subjects and get the practical practice pointers you need to effectively assist your clients.

Summary of Contents

The Health Law Year in Review
False Claims Act Update
Adverse Events and Patient Injury: Coupling Detection, Disclosure, and Compensation
The New Databank Guidebook: Issues and Challenges
Social Media and Healthcare: The Recommended Dosage for Employers, Patients Advocates and Healthcare Professionals
The Current Status of Provider-Based Status
From Volume to Value: The Future of Hospital Reimbursement in the Post-Obamacare World
Technology Competence Is Legal Competence
Current Issues in Network Management
Telehealth Update
Practical Applications and Analysis of Real World Fraud and Abuse Issues
Medicaid Mandatory Managed Long-Term Care Services and Supports (MLTCSS) in Pennsylvania
New Generation Compliance Programs: Effective, Efficient Compliance
Provider Fraud and False Claims Defense Issues and Compliance Strategy
Cybersecurity and Healthcare: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Organization
So You Think You Want to Represent a Whistleblower? What Do You Need to Know to Succeed?
The Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine: Alive, Well and Potentially Applicable to Your Client
Just the Basics

Dealing with Licensure Issues in Healthcare Transactions 2016 Update
Beyond Face Time: The Evolution of Medicare Fee for Service in a Value Driven World
High Time for Legal Staff to Get Off the Sidelines and Take the Field in Terms of HIPAA Compliance
Patient Safety Organizations: Maximizing Protection in an Era of Increasing Focus on Health Care Quality and Outcomes
Medicare Coverage in Clinical Trials – Is Your Clinical Research Billing Practice Compliant?
PA Department of Human Services Update
Defending Fraud & Abuse Matters
Whistleblower Duties and Risks for People with Law Licenses
Issues in Mental Health Compliance
Operationalizing the Final 501(r) Regs…Time to Comply!
Healthcare Issues at the PA Insurance Department
A Reimbursement Lawyer’s Guide to Out-of-Network Provider Reimbursement
Health Benefits for Health Care Providers: Important Developments in Employee Health Plans
The Ever-Expanding Roles of Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants and Others in Hospitals
Emerging Issues in Accountable Care Organization Liability
Where’s the App for That? Mobile Medical Apps, Cybersecurity and the Regulatory and Litigation Landscape
Department of Health Update - 2016
Corporate Board Reporting and Corporate Integrity Agreements
Private Health Insurance Companies: Current Strategies to Curtail Fraud, Abuse and Waste
How the DOL’s Proposed Salary Threshold Could Impact Health Care Employers
The $10,000 Question: Tackling the Complexities of Value-Based Physician Compensation
The Good, the Bad and the Unresolved – Survey of Pennsylvania State and Federal Court Cases Involving Managed Care Organizations
Diving the Future of Fraud and Abuse Compliance From CMS’s Innovation Model Waivers
Effective Representation Includes Civility: How to Diagnose and Treat Incivility
P3N, HIE, HIO – Acronyms You Should Know: Electronic Health Information Exchange in Pennsylvania
ACOs and Clinically Integrated Networks: Building a Platform in a Pay-for-Value World
The Disgruntled Healthcare Employee: Strategies for Preventing Whistleblowers and Mitigating Litigation Risk

Published: 3/1/2015
Pages: 2026
Volumes: 3
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