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32nd Annual Criminal Law Symposium (CD-ROM Only)

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Gain timely education and outstanding instruction on search and seizure, DUI, SORNA, direct and cross-examination techniques to use in drug cases, expungements, digital evidence and e-discovery in criminal cases, working with clients with disabilities, and many more essential criminal law topics.

Summary of Contents

The Year in Review
Search and Seizure Law Update
DUI Update
Direct and Cross for Home, Street and Automobile Cases
Ethical Issues for Criminal Defense Attorneys: “Truth or Dare?”
Treatment Courts: After the Sentencing
Digital Evidence and eDiscovery in Criminal Cases
The Basics of Handling a PCRA Case (Or What Do I Do with This Big Box of Paper?)
The Challenges of Adult Victim Sexual Assault Cases: Victim Impact and Neurobiology of Trauma
Prosecuting and Defending Drug Forfeiture Cases in State Court
Voir Dire
Special Issues in Sex Crimes
Criminal History Record Information: The Punishment of an Arrest
The Business Side of Practicing Criminal Defense
Medical Recall of Driver License
Pennsylvania’s SORNA Update
The Lost Art of Direct Examination
Creative Sentencing: Getting Where You Need to Go
Isn’t Buying a Gun Easy? A Walk Through the 4473
Parole Decision Making
Protecting the Rights of Clients with Disabilities
Whose Courtroom Is It Anyway?
Sentencing Commission Update
Jury Persuasion in Criminal Cases: Lessons from Neuroscience and Filmmaking
Collateral Consequences of Convictions: What a Criminal Lawyer Needs to Know
The Law of Deadly Force in Pennsylvania
A Bright Future Turned Grey: Dealing with College Campus Crimes
The Secret World of Human Trafficking
Eyewitness Cases and Experts – The Post-Walker Landscape
Capital Case Update
Mitigation Evidence: Investigating Juvenile History
Who Will Live and Who Will Die? The Role of Emotion, Personality, Characteristics, and Evidence in Juror Decisions to Impose the Death Penalty

Published: 6/1/2015
Pages: 1478
Volumes: 2
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