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Best of the Oil and Gas Law Colloquium: Hot Litigation Trends

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From the various types of lawsuits being filed to the discovery tools being used to choosing a forum, discover the prevailing litigation trends related to the Marcellus as a case moves toward settlement or trial. For the first time since Article I, Section 27 was enacted in 1971, a plurality of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Robinson Township v. Commonwealth used the amendment to hold parts of a statute (the state’s Oil and Gas Act) unconstitutional. The opinion forced lawyers to look at the amendment with fresh eyes, and also left unanswered many questions about its scope and applicability. Analyze the court’s decision and explore the many issues environmental groups are raising in litigation and other advocacy.

Summary of Contents

Marcellus Litigation Trends
Robinson Township v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Examination and Implications

Published: 1/1/2015
Pages: 140
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