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Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure: Elements, Analysis, and Application, 4th Edition

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This ebook has 47 chapters, each divided into three sections:

  • Elements: This section presents a succinct summary of the applicable law in outline format.
  • Analysis: This narrative section explains the law underlying the Elements, including references to the leading cases and areas of concern in future legal developments.
  • Application: This section includes cases that contain clear statements of the law and cases in which each side has prevailed on the point. This section aids both courts and practitioners in finding parallel precedents useful to the resolution of pending litigation.

Summary of Contents

Part One: Pretrial Issues
Section A: Search and Seizure

  • Search and Seizure: A Suggested Method of Analysis
  • Government Authority v. Private Searches
  • Search—Generally
  • Seizure of the Person—Generally
  • Plain View
  • Abandonment
  • Standing
  • The Warrant Requirement
  • Probable Cause
  • Search Warrants
  • Search Incident to Arrest
  • Exigent Circumstances
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Searches Using Canines
  • Investigative Detentions
  • Administrative Searches
  • Consent
  • Inventory Searches
  • Fruits and Attenuation
  • Independent Source Doctrine
  • Inevitable Discovery Doctrine
  • Collateral Use Doctrine
  • The Good-Faith Exception
  • One-Party Consensual Intercepts
  • Nonconsensual Wiretap
  • Litigating the Motion to Suppress

Section B: Confession and Counsel

  • Confessions
  • Confessions at Trial

Section C: Identifications

  • Witness Identifications

Section D: Miscellaneous Pretrial Proceedings

  • Bail in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • The Grand Jury: Subpoenas, Immunity, and Pennsylvania Practice
  • Guilty Pleas

Part Two: Trial Issues
Section A: Speedy Trial

  • Rule 600: Speedy Trial

Section B: Brady and Discovery

  • Brady and Discovery

Section C: Jury Procedures

  • Jury Selection
  • Batson Challenges in Pennsylvania

Section D: Matters of Evidence and Proof

  • Testimonial Use of Invocation of Rights
  • Nontestimonial Evidence
  • Confrontation Clause
  • Expert Testimony
  • Entrapment
  • Sufficiency and Weight of the Evidence

Section E: Miscellaneous Trial Issues

  • Judicial Recusal
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct

Part Three: Special Proceedings
Section A: Juvenile

  • Juvenile Procedure

Section B: Capital Punishment

  • The Death Penalty in the Federal System and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Section C: Post-trial Issues

  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
  • Index of Cases
  • Subject Index
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Published: 6/1/2015
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