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How to Win (or Defend Against) Summary Judgment Motions in Employment Law Cases

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Summary judgment is an extremely powerful procedural tool. To effectively advocate for clients, employment counsel must be well versed in summary judgment practice and plan strategically to bring or defend against motions from the very outset of the case. Explore the nuances of bringing, or defending against, summary judgment motions in disparate treatment cases and gain strategic techniques for pursuing or defending motions.

Summary of Contents

The Summary Judgment Standard
Reasons for Filing & Strategies to Use in Summary Judgment Motions
Reasons for Filing Summary Judgment Motions
The McDonnell Douglas/Burdine Prima Facie Case: Beginning the Shifting Burden Dance
Making the Plaintiff’s Prima Facie Case, Defendant’s Perspective
Using Pretext to Avoid Summary Judgment
Summary Judgment in Discrimination Cases: Defense Perspective
Developing Pretext Fact Patterns in Discovery
Developing Fact Patterns in Discovery from a Defendant’s Perspective
Defendants’ Favorite “Pretext” Cases
Surviving Summary Judgment in Americans with Disabilities Act Cases: Global Warfare on Paper
Family Medical Leave Act
Summary Judgment Issues in Harassment Cases
Summary Judgment Issues in Equal Pay Act and Title VII Wage Cases
Summary Judgment Issues in Cases Arising Under Retaliation Protections
Punitive Damages in Discrimination Cases: Defense Perspective
Administrative Exhaustion
Preemption of Employment Claims

Published: 1/1/2015
Pages: 402
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