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7th Annual Oil & Gas Law Colloquium

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Gain an insider’s view from the claims perspective as you learn about the factors adjustors consider when determining the settlement value of a case and how the judge can help you persuade the adjuster. Discover negotiation techniques that will help you to “move the middle” toward a more realistic claims settlement. Learn how to analyze and prep your case to capture the attention of the judge and explore how to capture the judge’s attention through the use of pre-mediation memos and disclosure forms. From the types of petitions pending to potential exposure for your client, uncover key elements in analyzing the value of your case and gain tips for clarifying your goals and your authority.

Summary of Contents

Environmental NGO Panel
General Counsel Roundtable
2015 Hot Topics in Oil and Gas Law: Litigation Update
Hot Topics under the Clean Air Act
Subsurface Trespass to the Oil & Gas Estate: Determining Damages in Pennsylvania
Susquehanna River Basin Commission and the Regulation of Oil and Natural Gas Activities
The Practical Impacts of Statutory Pooling
Safeguarding Confidential Information: Attorneys’ Ethical and Legal Obligations
Advanced Mineral Title: Resolving Common Title Challenges
The Outlook for U.S. Crude: Implications for Pennsylvania (Slides)
Robinson Twp., Delaware Riverkeeper Network, et al. v. Commonwealth
of Pa. et al. – Pending & Future Litigation Issues (Slides)
Primer on Bad Faith Pooling
Natural Gas Pipelines: Local Implications of New Gathering/Transmission Lines
Community Rights Ordinances
Pipeline Construction, Health, Safety and Environmental Issues
Controversial Aspects of the Department’s Proposed Oil and Gas Regulations
Chesapeake Minimum Royalty Litigation Trends
Oil and Gas Bankruptcies
Navigating the Multi-State Practice of Law for the Energy Practitioner (Slides)
Wage & Hour Compliance in the Energy Industry

Published: 9/1/2015
Pages: 854
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