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Premarital Agreements in Pennsylvania, 10th Edition (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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This practical form book expertly guides you through this often highly sensitive document preparation, including information about same-sex couple agreements and a new addendum to an agreement to be used for Catholic marriage following execution of a premarital agreement. Offering over 120 model provisions (all on a USB drive) and a concise primer summarizing the law, this is a useful resource and valuable timesaver that you will use again and again.


Summary of Contents

  • Premarital Agreements: Who Should Have One?
  • The Law
  • Initial Client Interview
  • Preamble/Introductory/Whereas Clauses
  • Incorporation of Previous Recitals as Consideration
  • Standard Provisions
  • Distribution of Property upon Death
  • Alimony/Support/APL
  • Counsel Fees
  • General Closing Provisions

Appendix A: Simeone v. Simeone
Appendix B: Scrivener’s Checklist
Appendix C: Bibliography
Appendix D: Sample Premarital Agreement
Appendix E: Sample Cohabitation Agreement
Appendix F: Sample Agreement Between Same-Sex Couples Having a Valid Marriage in Another State Now Recognized in Pennsylvania
Appendix G: Sample Agreement Between Same-Sex Couple Who Have Never Been Married Now Entering Into a Marriage
Appendix H: Addendum to Agreement to be Used for Catholic Marriage Following Execution of a Premarital Agreement
Appendix I: Rights of Surviving Spouse in Pennsylvania


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Published: 5/1/2017
Pages: 490
Size: 6x9


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