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Nuts & Bolts of Criminal Practice in Philadelphia Municipal Court

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Philadelphia Municipal Court Criminal Practice as you review the basics. Get an overview of the Specialty Courts in Philadelphia and find out how Philadelphia motion practice, ARD programs, and other diversionary programs are unique. Gain practical tips on pretrial practice, handling prelims, dealing with lineups, and more.

Summary of Contents

Mechanics of Municipal Court Appointments
Overview of Municipal Court Organization
Preliminary Arraignment
Preliminary Hearings
Practical Pointers from Private Practitioners
Pre-Trial Issues & Practical Tips on Common MC Pre-Trial Motions
Specialty Courts and Diversionary Programs
Practical Pointers for Municipal Court Rooms
Post-Trial Practice and Collateral Consequences
Rules and Statutes
Sample Forms
Sample Documents: Probation and Parole
Practice Areas
Published: 4/1/2015
Pages: 594
Size: 8.5x11