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Legal Concerns for People and Entities of Faith

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Your client in a divorce action is also concerned about receiving a get or an annulment of her marriage. Your local church finds itself embroiled in a personnel matter, which you think comes down to the teachings of their faith. Your friend wants to know if he can start his own non-profit ministry without legal representation. Even the most everyday cases can take on a different appearance when they come up in the context of a faith community. Learn to navigate some of the most common and vexing legal concerns of people and entities of faith, from the history and future of religious liberty to the role faith can play in your work.

Summary of Contents

So a Friend Wants to Start Her Own Ministry: Pro Se, Pro Bono or Professional Help Is Required
Parish Operations Scenarios
“The King’s Good Servant, But God’s First”: The Role of Religion in Judicial Decisionmaking
An Introduction to the Law of the Catholic Church
From Yoder to Zobrest: William Bentley Ball and a Life Defending Religious Liberty
The Future of Religious Liberty in America

Published: 7/1/2015
Pages: 234
Size: 8.5x11