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Tales From the Shareholder Wars

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Not unlike matrimonial divorces, business breakups are often fraught with drama, charged emotions, and parties fueled by personal and none-too-objective views. The dissolution of a business is a complex process and demands cool heads, intelligent analysis, and capable counsel. Get advice from attorneys, accountants, and intellectual property and technology experts to guide you through the often twisted maze of a business divorce. Learn not only how to recognize and approach the many aspects of the process, but also how to draft documents and advise clients properly in the beginning stages of corporate formation to avoid these types of problems in the future.

Summary of Contents

Business Divorce Shareholder, Partner and Member Relations
Business Law Issues
Agreements, Dissolution, Securities Law Issues
Taxation of Business Divorces
Protecting Business Assets, With or Without Restrictive Covenants
Valuation and Forensic Accounting in a Business Divorce - Slides
Litigation Issues: Slip Out the Back, Jack - Common Claims
Computer Forensics

Published: 8/1/2015
Pages: 466
Size: 8.5x11