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Public Utility Law Conference 2017

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Explore the rapidly-changing environment for Pennsylvania utilities and all of the issues facing public utility law practitioners today, including ethics and social media; Commission Updates; recent developments affecting counsel for electric, gas, telecommunications, water utilities; and transportation.

Summary of Contents

The Impact of the Trump Administration on the Energy Sector
The Impact of the Trump Administration on the Water & Telecommunications Sectors
Legislative Update
Case Law & Secretary’s Bureau Update
A Lawyer’s Ethical Obligations in a World of Technology
The State of Batteries in the U.S. Electric Grid – From Electric Vehicles to Energy Storage & Everything in Between
Gas Infrastructure & Municipal Requirements
PUC Rail Highway Crossing Jurisdiction
Tax Exempt Financing for Investor-Owned Utility Companies
Innovation: Remaining Relevant in a Changing Electric Landscape
New Gas Technology
Motor Carrier Regulation, Life in the Fast Lane
PUC & DEP Excusive & Concurrent Jurisdiction on Environmental Issues
State Issues Surrounding Nuclear Subsidies
Gas Cybersecurity
Telecomm Cybersecurity
PA EVs – Recent Developments & Updates
Gas Training & Safety
Pennsylvania & the New FCC in the Trump Administration: Policies & Issues for Pennsylvania
Water: Recent Legislation

Published: 5/1/2017
Pages: 1086
Volumes: 2
Size: 8.5x11