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Communicating across Generations

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As a lawyer, you know that being an effective communicator is at the heart of your business. Lawyers are challenged to talk to people at all stages of their lives from the “still teen” to the “almost retiree.” Explore how lawyers, particularly litigators in the courtroom, can communicate with diverse age groups whose life experiences, expectations, and values differ greatly. Learn about the psychology behind how jurors hear evidence and how they filter it through their generational experiences. Examine how developmental life stages and cognitive functioning affect each juror’s perspective.

Summary of Contents

Jurors by the Generations: Generational Cohorts and Jury Connection
Training a Multigenerational Workforce: Understanding Key Needs and Learning Styles
Motivating Millennials – How Making a Difference in the World Reduces Employee Turnover
How Do I Trust Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Attorney Credibility in the Courtroom
Jury Selection: Myths and Realities about Jurors

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Published: 4/1/2017
Pages: 78
Volumes: 1
Size: 8.5x11