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An Attorney's Guide to Managing a Paperless Office

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From hardware to software, learn what it takes to develop a "paper-less" office and what you need to do to save yourself time and provide better results for your clients. Receive practical tips to make the transition to paper reduction simple, including how to set up your practice and discover how Adobe Acrobat can be used to flex your administrative ability.

Summary of Contents

The “Less-Paper Office”
Adobe Acrobat for Lawyers & Legal Professionals
The ‘Less-Paper’ Office: You Might Not Be Able to Get Rid of All Paper, but You Can Manage It More Efficiently
The Less-Paper Office
Taming the Paper Tiger
Backing Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Software, Services Makes Saving and Restoring Data Simple
In the Practice of Law, Technology Can Be Put to Good Use
New Policy Changes How Documents Will Be Filed in Courts

Published: 4/1/2017
Pages: 106
Size: 8.5x11