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Successfully Taking a New Product to Market

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When companies and entrepreneurs venture into a new market, they want the best legal advice, including savvy strategies for marketing, branding, sales, and financing. Perhaps you have been asked to represent a start-up as it introduces its initial offering to the market. Or maybe your client is an established business that wishes to launch a new product line or an individual who wants to invest in a new business. Opportunities and pitfalls abound! To optimize your client’s path to success, you need to understand the legal, technical, operational, and strategic considerations. Discover practical tips and sage advice honed over years of managing the blend of legal and business issues encountered at each stage of the process.

Summary of Contents

Intellectual Property Issues
Contract/Business Issues: Development and Supply Chain Management
Branding and Marketing
Funding: Traditional and Non-Traditional

Published: 12/1/2015
Pages: 612
Size: 8.5x11