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Minority Shareholder Freezeout Litigation

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned in a business relationship. A minority shareholder freezeout often occurs in small corporations where ownership is held by a small group of individuals. Learn what you need to know to investigate and prepare a minority shareholder freezeout case for trial. Discover how and when to use experts while gaining practical, winning tips and strategies for successfully negotiating and settling your case.

Summary of Contents

Overview of Minority Shareholder Freezeout Cases
The Rights of Shareholders, Limited Partners and Non-Managing Limited Liability Company Members in Corporate Governance Disputes: Derivative Actions in Pennsylvania
The Use of Experts in Your Case
Negotiation and Settlement of Your Case
Minority Shareholder Freezeout Litigation in Pennsylvania: Remedies Provided at Common Law and by Section 1767 of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law

Published: 7/1/2015
Pages: 104
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