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Lights, Camera, Evidence!

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Mastery of the law of evidence is essential for nearly every attorney. Explore the most common evidentiary issues you are likely to encounter during trial and prepare yourself to react effectively to objections. Gain invaluable tips and strategies on how and when to make evidentiary objections.

Summary of Contents

Prior Inconsistent Statements
Vicarious Admissions
Business Records
The Competence of Expert Witnesses under Rule 702: The “Marisa Tomei” Rule
Ex Parte Contact with Opponent’s Employee
The Law of Causation in a Medical Negligence Case
Cross Examination of Opposing Expert Witness on Fees for Testimony
Admission of OSHA Regulations, ANSI Standards, Safety Standards or Industry Standards
Intoxication – Motion in Limine
Witness Impeachment by Evidence of Prior Conviction
Subsequent Repair Rule
Learned Treatises
Expert Opinions by Party Opponents
Expert Relying on Another Expert
Practice Areas
Published: 11/15/2017
Pages: 282
Size: 8.5x11