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Advanced Issues in Social Security Disability

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Learn about the changes affecting your SSD practice, including new rulings and regulations. Receive guidance from ALJs and gain an understanding of the Bureau of Disability Determination’s viewpoint on a variety of matters.

Summary of Contents:

  • New Regulations and Rulings: Illnesses
  • New Regulations and Rulings: Submission of Evidence and the “Five Day Rule” – The Fallout from 81 Fed. Reg. 90987
  • (December 16, 2016) (Slides)
  • New Regulations and Rulings: Weight of the Evidence
  • Pennsylvania Bureau of Disability Determinations
  • You Can’t Lose Twice: Cross-Examining Vocational Experts and Medical Experts

Published: 6/1/2017
Pages: 480
Size: 8.5x11