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Your Client Is Losing Their Driver's License

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Attorneys are called on regularly to assist clients whose driving privileges are threatened or have been revoked. Anything from a DUI conviction, paying certain types of citations, to medical afflictions can cause the loss of a license. You need to know the law, the administrative process involved and the options that are available to your client. Learn how to interpret PennDOT’s records and improve your client’s chances of license restoration, how to discover your options for the client who has refused chemical testing, and how to advise the CDL driver of new record reporting requirements.

Summary of Contents:

Case Law Update Including Drivers License Issues Post Birchfield
Chemical Test Refusals
Administrative Hearings at PENNDot
Driver Licensing Administrative Appeals What Every Practitioner Needs to Know© – Governor’s Office of General Counsel 2011
The Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Program - Slides
Ethical Considerations in Vehicle Code Cases

Published: 8/4/2017
Pages: 270
Size: 8.5x11