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Election Law, Campaign Finance, and Lobbying Disclosure

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Explore a step-by-step guide to the electoral process, from getting your candidate on the ballot, to financing a campaign, and the rules and laws that regulate the electoral process. The interlinking maze of local, state, and national laws that govern the election of public officials and the financing of campaigns gets more complicated each year. Update your knowledge of case law and applicable statutes as you learn about the most current issues in election law and gain practical information, useful forms, and examples.

Summary of Contents

Election Code Proceedings - Judicial Review of Nomination Petitions and Papers and Related Matters
Voting Rights Act Challenges to Reductions in Opportunities to Vote
Pennsylvania Campaign Finance and Lobbying Disclosure Developments
Department of State Online Voter Registration Application -Slides
Philadelphia Board of Ethics - Philadelphia’s Campaign Finance Law and the 2015 election City Elections – Slides
Election Recounts In Pennsylvania
Challenges to Fair Reapportionment and Gerrymandering: A Review of Available Judicial Remedies
Consequences of Citizens United: the Presidential Campaigns’ Super PAC fundraising

Published: 11/1/2015
Pages: 916
Size: 8.5x11