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Realty Transfer Tax Update

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Examine strategies to minimize realty transfer tax and explore a hypothetical transaction to learn different approaches to structuring a deal. Gain insights on new developments and review recent realty transfer tax cases, rulings, and regulations. Discover a one-stop shop for all of your realty transfer tax questions and a helpful side-by-side comparison of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia realty transfer taxes.

Summary of Contents

  • 2018 Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax
  • Fifteen Transfer Tax Principles You Need to Know
  • 2018 Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax Side by Side Reference Chart
  • 2018 Realty Transfer Tax Hypotheticals
  • Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax Law
  • Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax Regulations
  • Pennsylvania Code Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax Bulletin 2008-01 (Baehr Bros)
  • Pennsylvania Information Notice Realty Transfer Tax 2014-01, Real Estate Acquisitions after Act 52 of 2013
  • Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax Ordinance
  • 2016 Amendment Ordinance of Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax
  • Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax Regulations
  • Philadelphia Rulings
  • Appendices
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Published: 2/8/2018
Pages: 450
Size: 8.5x11