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A valuable resource for today’s criminal lawyer, this book shares the highlights on three trending areas.
Cosby and Kane—Lessons and Issues
Sensational legal cases capture the American imagination—the court of public opinion can play as important a role as does the court of law. For the criminal lawyer, general practitioner, and anyone who follows headlines (read: you!), this panel explores lessons learned from the Bill Cosby and Kathleen Kane cases, arguably two of the most hotly debated legal cases.
Eat Those Words — If You Can Remember Them! Effective Use of Witness Statements During Trial
A case may be won or lost on the strength of witness statements and the performance of the witness at trial. Judge Renn explores:
• how the PA Rules of evidence permit you to use – or object to – the use of “confessions”
• when the Rules allow you to read a prior statement into the record
• how the Rules can help you in cross examination of an adverse witness.
Drug Law Update: The Impact of Recent Cases
Opioid addiction is America’s 50-state epidemic. Public health officials have called the current opioid epidemic the worst drug crisis in American history, and there’s no sign of a let up. Two seasoned criminal lawyers offer a “potpourri” summary at recent state and federal cases.

Summary of Contents

Hearsay at The Preliminary Hearing
Eat Those Words…! (If You Can Remember Them): Using Witness Statements in Direct and Cross Examinations
Drug Law Update: The Impact of Recent Cases

Published: 8/1/2017
Pages: 112
Size: 8.5x11