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Title Insurance 101

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In order to handle a real estate transaction professionally, ethically and with confidence an attorney needs to know the ins and outs of title insurance. Explore the fundamentals of title insurance. What is it and why do we need it? Are all title companies the same? What about rates? What are endorsements? Which do I need? Do we need a lender’s policy, an owner’s policy, or both? What is covered, what is not? Find the answers to these questions and learn how to represent and advise your client.

Summary of Contents

Title Insurance
American Land Title Association Best Practices - Slides
Title Commitment
The Title Policy: What Does it Cover (And Not cover)
Title Litigation
Pennsylvania Memo 2017-4 – Changes to the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) Effective October 26, 2017

Published: 10/1/2017
Pages: 386
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