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Irrevocable Trusts: Drafting with the Right Ingredients

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Learn how to draft irrevocable trusts for clients who need to protect their estates from being lost due to the effects of living longer, diminished capacity, sky-rocketing long-term care costs, potential lawsuits, scams, and undue influence. Explore irrevocable trusts are and examine case studies for examples of when and how to use them, review the relevant tax provisions, and gain guidance on how to draft these documents.

Summary of Contents

Drafting an Irrevocable Trust
The Fundamentals of Trust Drafting
The Use of Trusts in Estate and Long-Term Care Planning: Looking to the Future
Using Trust Tax Rules as Tools in a Public Benefits Practice
Grantor Trust Research Findings
“Irrevocable Pure Grantor Trusts”: The Estate Planning Landscape Has Changed
PowerPoint: What Are Irrevocable Trusts and Why Use Them?
Practice Areas
Published: 10/1/2017
Pages: 153
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