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Joint and Several Liability in 2018

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The Fair Share Act was enacted in 2011, significantly altering Pennsylvania’s joint and several liability law. In many instances, the impact of the Act is just starting to become apparent. Explore a solid overview of the Act and how it will affect your clients and learn about the pertinent questions arising from this law.

Summary of Contents

  • Introducing the Fair Share Act
  • Overview of Act 17 of 2011 (SB 1131)
  • Overview of the Fair Share Act
  • Releases, Now and Then
  • The New Joint and Several Law – Impact on Joint Tortfeasor Releases
  • Medical Malpractice – New Joint and Several Law
  • Three Products Liability Examples Under Act 17
  • Verdict Forms
  • Joint Tortfeasors
  • Nuts and Bolts of Litigation Practice under the Fair Share Act
  • Litigators on Mediation: Strategy, Tactics and Client Relations
  • Select Caselaw
Practice Areas
Published: 4/27/2018
Pages: 250
Size: 8.5x11