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What's on Second? Sophisticated Issues in Lien Divestiture and Priority

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When clients are grappling with properties that are encumbered with multiple liens, bankruptcies, and foreclosures, lawyers need to be ready to give them knowledgeable legal advice. Learn about liens filed against real property, the priority of those liens and when they expire, and how to divest them. Find out where your clients’ liens fall in the lien priority pecking order and discover strategies for positioning your clients so that they reap the most benefit. Explore case scenarios that frame the issues and illustrate the finer points of divesting liens and understanding lien priority issues.

Summary of Contents

  • Liens on Real Estate in Pennsylvania
  • Real Estate Sales That Divest Liens or “In the Beginning”
  • Community Association and Cooperative Liens
  • Hypotheticals and Case Studies
Practice Areas
Published: 3/6/2018
Pages: 182
Size: 8.5x11