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Environmental Law Forum 2018 (Thumb Drive Only)

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Introduce yourself to new areas, refresh your practice by exploring advanced topics, and keep yourself up to date on the most recent environmental legislative and regulatory developments. Stay competitive with a summary of the year’s leading cases decided by the EHB and catch up on the developments taking place in the area of oil and gas leases. Develop your practice and expand your knowledge on a range of the most important environmental concerns.

Summary of Contents

  • Managing Legal Spending: In-House Counsel Roundtable
  • Federal & State Air Quality Update
  • The Environmental Rights Amendment Right Now
  • State of Play on Renewable Energy
  • Diversifying the Environmental Bar in PA
  • Clean Air Act Litigation Update: Focus on Litigation/Cases
  • Natural Resources: Conservation and Damages
  • Business Entities and Individual Liabilities in PA
  • Hot Topics and Advanced Air Permitting
  • Cooperative Federalism
  • Climate Change: Where to Now?
  • Career Opportunities in Environmental Law for Law School Students & Recent Graduates
  • Environmental Practice in the PA Appellate Courts
  • Current Status of Greenhouse Gas Regulation
  • Toxic Tort
  • Natural Disaster Cleanup
  • Planners’ Roundtable: The Future of the Environmental Rights Amendment
  • Coal and Non-Coal Mining Update
  • Managing Risks Associated with Waste Processing and Recycling Technologies
  • Major Federal Environmental Decisions
  • Land Use/Zoning Law Update
  • Drinking Water, Infrastructure & Environmental Justice
  • Pipeline Issues
  • Developments in NGO Litigation
  • Selling Public Water and Sewer Facilities
  • Water Update
  • Air Issues in Oil and Gas
  • Site Contamination Update
  • MS4
  • Hot Topics in the River Basins
  • Environmental and Other Regulatory Issues from the NGO/PUC Perspective
  • EHB Roundtable
  • Obligations of Municipalities Stemming from Article 1 Section 27
  • Oil and Gas Regulatory Update
  • What Environmental Lawyers Will Be Doing in Five Years
  • Emerging Environmental Issues in Agriculture
  • NPDES Update

Published: 4/11/2018
Pages: 1182
Volumes: 2