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Police Misconduct: Defending Criminal Cases in Pennsylvania, 3rd Edition (eBook)

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The criminal practitioner knows all too well that police misconduct issues directly bear on the investigation, prosecution, and defense of many criminal cases. Misconduct issues arise in a broad variety of circumstances—from coerced confessions to questionable searches, and from pretextual criminal charges to suborned perjury—and each circumstance must be carefully scrutinized to determine the impact on the prosecution and defense of the case.

Police Misconduct examines the implications of police misconduct from the crime scene, arrest, preliminary proceedings, investigation, discovery, and litigation of pretrial motions through the jury selection process and trial. Supporting legal analysis and case citations are provided together with sample motions and memoranda.

Summary of Contents

1. Initial Defense Preparation
2. Pretrial Preparation
3. Discovery
4. Pretrial Motions
5. Trial
6. Post-trial Issues
7. Introduction to Civil Rights Litigation
Table of Cases

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Published: 3/1/2016
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Paul M. Messing Esq.
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