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The Law of Oil & Gas in Pennsylvania, 2nd Edition (eBook)

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Be at the forefront of developing oil and gas law
The treatise thoroughly explores the rich history of oil and gas legal concepts and the technical, environmental, and regulatory issues unique to exploration for and production of oil and gas in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania's law of oil and gas will continue evolving as courts grapple with the application of new technologies and concepts that collide with a body of case law developed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Purchase this book and learn about emerging developments and everything you need to stay informed about oil and gas law in Pennsylvania.

Get the updated and revised 2nd edition, which includes new chapters on:
Conventional Drilling
Radiation Issues
Title and Conveyancing of Oil and Gas Interests

A meticulously researched and written reference featuring the following 23 chapters:
Part I—Historical and Technical Background
Historical Background of Oil and Gas Law
Technical Background—Geology and the Drilling Process
Part II—Ownership, Transfer, and Title
Ownership of Oil and Gas Interests
Title and Conveyancing of Oil and Gas Rights in Pennsylvania
Evolution of the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Lease
Implied Covenants
Pooling and Unitization
Resolving Issues Involving Dormant Oil and Gas Interests
Part III—Regulatory Issues
Overview of Pennsylvania Regulatory Issues
Permitting and Environmental Litigation
Conventional Oil and Gas Development
Wetlands and Waters Permitting
Compact Commissions and Their Impact on Oil and Gas Permitting
Natural Gas Pipeline Regulation in Pennsylvania
Wildlife Issues
Regulation of Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactivity in Pennsylvania
Zoning and Municipal Regulation of Oil and Gas
Development of Oil and Gas on State and Federal Lands
Part IV—Practical Guides
Oil and Gas Lease Negotiations from the Lessor’s Perspective
Oil and Gas Lease Negotiations from the Lessee’s Perspective
Representing Citizens in Challenges to Oil and Gas Permits
Litigation of Natural Gas Claims from the Plaintiff’s Perspective
Litigation of Natural Gas Claims from the Defendant’s Perspective
Appendix—Articles, Periodicals, and Publications on Pennsylvania Oil, Gas, and Energy Law

Winner of the 2015 ACLEA (Association for Continuing Legal Education Administrators) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Publications!

Published: 10/1/2016
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