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Quiet Title: A Puzzle Worth Solving

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Quiet Title Actions are brought when title to real estate is ambiguous. The boundaries are not clear, sellers of a house that has been passed down within a family for generations may not have a deed---no one bothered to change the records as the property passed hands; fraudulent conveyance of a deed by forged deed or coercion are also examples of how quiet title actions come about. The procedures for handling these actions vary considerably from county to county. Philadelphia has a very specific procedure that is not known to many attorneys until and unless they need to handle a matter involving quiet title. Explore how to handle a quiet title action and gain practical advice for handling these matters expeditiously.

Summary of Contents

Analyzing the Applicable Law – Claims upon Which a Quiet Title Action Can Be Brought
Compiling Pertinent Documentation and Information on the Property and Opposing Parties
Litigating and/or Resolving Quiet Title Cases
Dealing with Utility Charges and Real Estate Taxes
Helping Your Client Avoid Future Homeownership Problems

Published: 4/1/2016
Pages: 348
Size: 8.5x11