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Long Term Care Planning for Seniors

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For the estate and elder law attorney—and for anyone faced with planning for a family member’s care—explore a planning “kit” that includes the essential steps one should take to ensure a comfortable, affordable future for a loved one. Long term care planning is much like assembling a puzzle—each piece very unique in characteristics and attributes, but once joined to the larger structure, an undeniable perfect fit that yields something quite effective and viable.

Summary of Contents

Fact Pattern
Gathering the Correct Information
Finding the Right Resources
The Irrevocable Grantor Trust
Qualifying for Veteran’s Pension
Paying Family Members for Care
Traps in Nursing Home Contracts
Medicaid Basics
MA Qualifying Annuities
Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program
Pennsylvania Filial Support Laws: Filial Support Obligations and the Necessaries Act

Published: 4/1/2016
Pages: 490
Size: 8.5x11