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Employment Law Institute West 2016 (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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Discover practical and realistic solutions to everyday and unexpected problems in employment law and explore updates and breakdowns of critical information and the real implications of why these changes matter for you and the clients you represent.

Summary of Contents

Volume 1

What’s New in Employment Law? A Tour of the Year’s Highlights
Tyson Foods and Its Impact On Wage & Hour Class Action Damages
Current Considerations Regarding Non-Compete Agreements – Use, Enforcement and Recruiting Employees
The Best Ways to Get Sued over Employee Leaves and Accommodations
Private Eyes Are Watching You: Common Privacy Issues in the Workplace: What Every Employer Should Know
Transgender Rights in the Workplace
EPLI Strategic and Ethical Issues
FLSA Compliance and Enforcement: Emerging Issues
Current Trends in ADA Workplace Accommodations
Update from Washington: A Conversation with EEOC Commissioner Barker
Properly Applying the Federal Rules of Evidence
Employer’s Duties with Respect to Accommodating Pregnant Employees After Young v. United Parcel Service
The PMWA v. the FLSA: Hidden Traps that Could Cost Your Clients Their Business and Cost You in Heavy Malpractice Claims
ERISA Litigation Danger Zones
The New White Collar Exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Protected Activity by Non-Union Employees
“I Don’t Specifically Recall;” “‘Positioning’ the Decision-Maker,” and Other Common and Not-So-Common Employment Litigation Issues
Ethics Survivor: Ethics for the Labor Lawyer

Volume 2

Drafting Confidentiality Agreements
“Lighting Up” the Ambiguities: Employers’ Rights and Responsibilities Under Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act and Leave Accommodation Issues Raised By Recent EEOC Guidance
Workplace Harassment: Proving It & Defending It
The Affordable Care Act: Understanding What It Means for the Employer/Employee Relationship
The Family and Medical Care Leave Act: Suspicion of and Mis-Use of FMLA
Encryption for Lawyers: Fulfilling Your Ethical Duties
Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
The Happy! Effective Lawyer
Hot Topics at the EEOC
Criminal Background Checks
Presenting Your Best Restrictive Covenant Case – Tips for Plaintiffs, Defendants and the View from the Bench
Not My Employees, Not My Problem? Analysis of Joint and Single Employer Liability under the FLSA, FMLA, Title VII, and the NLRA
Ethics of the Cloud: Technology Competence and Safeguarding Client Confidentiality

Published: 11/1/2016
Pages: 1354
Volumes: 2
Size: 8.5x11